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Transylvania Regional Hospital welcomes new physicians, and refreshes and renames two facilities

Patient safety and care remains our top priority, even during exciting new updates and announcements at Transylvania Regional Hospital.

August 17, 2022

In an effort to provide even better care to our community members, two facilities affiliated with Transylvania Regional Hospital (TRH) have recently undergone improvements and renovation in preparation for serving new purposes. We look at our role as one that must continually change, as our patients’ need for services does.

Medical Associates of Transylvania has been under construction since early 2022. Primary care services returned to the space, and patients began getting served on July 19th, with Brevard Orthopedics expected to join the practice this coming fall. The facility is located at 377 Gallimore Road, and you can schedule a consultation or appointment by calling (828) 884-9030.

Improvements to the building include new wood flooring, bright white walls, and a more modern front desk area that’s designed for optimum efficiency. The building also houses a new X-ray machine in a renovated space tailored to X-ray. We anticipate updating the building’s exterior drainage system in the near future as well.

You may also be familiar with Brevard Family Practice, which is now Mission Health Center Brevard. It houses General Surgery services provided by board-certified general surgeon Dr. James B. Osborne, Jr., as well as urology services under Dr. Brian Cohen and Kristy Rutan, PA.

This facility has also received a new wood floor, an updated front desk area, and fresh paint. Mission Health Center Brevard’s address is 187 Medical Park Drive, and appointments can be made by calling (828) 884-9362.

Both practices were refreshed and designed with patient comfort in mind, and to aide providers in delivering the best care possible.

We welcomed Dr. Osborne recently, after serving at SIMED Health in Gainesville, Florida. He performs colonoscopies and other endoscopic procedures, gallbladder surgery, appendectomies, bowel surgeries, and laparoscopic abdominal procedures. Dr. Osborne also has special training in hand/upper extremity surgery.

As we work to make our facilities adapt to patient needs, we take into account several broad factors as we attempt to make our offices and the hospital as patient-centered as our care. First, we ensure that our buildings are fully accessible for all people, whether they are fully mobile or need assistance walking or a wheelchair. This means that our entrances are wide enough to accommodate patient and family needs for entrance, as well as offering spaces that are easy to move around within. Our office technology also allows our team members to access patient records easily and universally.

Light, clean interiors, comfortable furniture, and a simple aesthetic contribute to a space that’s both functional and easy for clinicians to work in and welcoming so that patients feel at ease.

Finally, as with all our facilities, safety and security remain top of mind. This applies to the building itself and patients feeling safe, and that patients feel secure about how their medical information is stored and handled, with HIPAA guidelines observed.

We’re excited to welcome patients to our refreshed facilities. I’m certain visitors will be pleased with yet another example of excellent care, close to home.

Michele Pilon, MS, BSN, RN, NE-BC, is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Nursing Officer of Transylvania Regional Hospital. Her diverse professional experience includes service as a bedside nurse and over a decade as a leader at healthcare institutions in Virginia, Florida, and North Carolina. Ms. Pilon earned a Bachelor’s in Nursing from Ohio’s University of Akron and a Masters in Health Services Administration from the University of St. Francis in Illinois; she is also a Board-Certified Nursing Executive.

August 17, 2022
Transylvania Regional Hospital