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Gynecologic cancer

Gynecologic cancer is any cancer beginning in a woman's reproductive organs. The main types of gynecologic cancer are uterine, ovarian, cervical, vaginal, and vulvar cancers.

Supportive gynecological oncology

Our gynecological specialists understand the sensitive nature of a cancer diagnosis.

Gynecologic cancer is a personal, private condition. At Mission Health, our hospitals offer proven treatments with a respectful, patient-centered approach. We are genuinely committed to your well-being as you journey toward a bright and healthy future.

Types of gynecologic cancer we treat

Gynecologic cancers can develop in many areas of the female reproductive tract. Our dedicated team of gynecological oncologists offers comprehensive, leading-edge treatments for cancers, such as:

  • Cervical cancer
  • Fallopian tube cancers
  • Ovarian cancers
  • Uterine cancer
  • Vaginal cancer
  • Vulvar cancer

Our gynecologic cancer program

We strive to offer advanced treatments in a safe, comfortable environment. Our programs are led by supportive team members, who are here to help you navigate your treatment journey.

Gynecologic cancer treatments and services

We offer the area's most advanced options for gynecologic cancer treatment, including specialized surgical care. Our teams of gynecological oncology specialists work together, and, with you and your family, build a care plan that meets your needs.


Depending on your cancer, chemotherapy may be used to stop or slow the growth of cancer cells. As part of your treatment plan, we offer some of the most advanced targeted and combination therapies with partner centers.

Radiation therapy treatment

If you have gynecologic cancer, radiation therapy is used primarily to treat areas where the cancer has spread, rather than a form of treatment for the primary tumor. It can be administered as external radiation therapy (from outside the body) or internal radiation therapy (a radioactive substance is placed in or near the tumor).

Our clinical trials

Our hospitals offer you access to various clinical trials that could be a part of your care plan. If you are eligible to participate in a clinical trial, your physician and nurse navigator will help you make the decision and guide you through the process. You can find more information about our clinical trials and discuss them with our providers.

Robotic surgery for gynecologic cancer

Many gynecologic cancers are treated with robot-assisted surgical procedures. Our program features highly advanced surgical robots that surgeons use to perform complex surgeries with higher precision and increased accuracy. Benefits to you include shorter hospital stays, minimal scarring and both a faster recovery and return to normal activities.

Survivorship and resources

We provide you with continued care for cancer, starting with your diagnosis, through survivorship. Your nurse navigator, in partnership with your physician, will provide you with a survivorship care plan to take home with you. This document is a comprehensive summary of all aspects of your care, including diagnosis and test results, procedures and follow-up treatments. You will also find contact information for all of your care team members. In addition, a large portion of the plan includes resources to help you keep yourself healthy and strong as you enter the survivorship phase of your journey.

Gynecologic cancer resources:

Gynecological surgery options

Minimally invasive gynecological procedures, such as robotic surgery, offer quicker recoveries. We discuss this and many other benefits.

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