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Hip replacement

You may need hip replacement surgery if your daily activity is limited by chronic hip pain caused by joint wear, injury or arthritis. During this procedure, an orthopedic surgeon removes damaged or diseased cartilage and bone from the hip and replaces them with prosthetic pieces.

Restorative hip replacement surgery

Living with hip pain and discomfort can dampen your outlook, but we want you to know relief is available.

Mission Health's hip surgeons in Western North Carolina treat arthritis, hip dysplasia and fractures. Your needs are always our priority, which is why our treatments include minimally invasive options, such as anterior total hip replacements.

Conditions treated with hip replacement surgery

While some hip conditions do not require surgery, we often recommend hip replacement surgery for chronic or painful disorders, such as:

  • Bone tumors
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Hip fractures
  • Hip injuries
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

Our hip replacement services

Having a hip replacement procedure doesn't have to be daunting. We are here to support you throughout your healing journey, beginning the moment you first walk through our doors.

Nonsurgical hip treatments

The specialists in our programs work tirelessly to keep up with innovations in hip care, including surgery. Working collaboratively with you, we will first exhaust various conservative hip preservation techniques to manage your condition, before ever considering surgery. Such nonsurgical care options may include:

Types of hip replacement surgeries we offer

As a regional leader in hip replacement procedures, our board-certified surgeons perform more procedures than other hospitals in Western North Carolina. Here, we prioritize minimally invasive options, including robot-assisted methods. We combine these types of surgery with education, pain management and rehabilitation services to allow you to return home within hours of your surgery. At our family of hospitals, we've seen that recovering at home, sleeping in your bed and eating home-cooked meals bring about positive outcomes and greatly aid in your healing.

Anterior hip replacement

The anterior approach to total hip replacement surgery involves replacing the damaged bone, cartilage and tissues of your hip socket through a small incision at the front of the hip. Because there is less tissue, tendon or muscle disruption with this procedure, it allows you to experience a faster recovery and a reduced risk for hip dislocations. Also, the technique can be an outpatient procedure allowing you to recuperate at home, on the same day.

Posterior or lateral hip replacement

Orthopedic surgeons can also perform total hip replacement surgery by an incision through the back (posterior) or side (lateral) of the hip. Because it is a more disruptive procedure, you may have a more extended hospital stay of one to two days.

What to expect after hip replacement surgery

Your orthopedic surgeon and rehabilitative specialists will have you up and moving as soon as possible after surgery. Additionally, your provider will provide pain management and ensure you're healing properly.

The more informed you are, the better your healing process, so our team ensures you are prepared to care for yourself after discharge. You'll progress through an individualized program to strengthen your ability to walk, climb stairs or get in and out of a car. Relearning these basic abilities is an integral part of the recovery process, all in the service of you beginning to live the life you love once again, unencumbered from pain and discomfort.

Joint replacement procedures

Robotic assistance and computer navigation are just some of the state-of-the-art technologies we use to benefit you when you need a joint replacement. These techniques help you quickly return to daily exercise routines after your procedure.

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