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Knee replacement

Cartilage in your knee can become damaged from arthritis, injury or normal wear-and-tear. If you are experiencing chronic knee pain or limited function, you may benefit from a knee replacement surgery. During this procedure, an orthopedic surgeon will remove the affected cartilage and replace it with artificial pieces.

Effective knee replacement surgery

Chronic knee and joint disorders don't have to limit your daily activities. We have solutions to meet your needs.

Mission Health knee specialists in Western North Carolina offer many options for pain relief, including minimally invasive surgery. These advanced procedures provide greater mobility and allow for a shorter hospital stay so you can get back to your life.

Our knee replacement program

Our experienced specialists offer advanced surgical methods to treat chronic and acute knee issues, always keeping your quality of life top of mind.

Total knee replacement surgery

Our hospitals are at the forefront of the latest technologies and effective surgical procedures for knee replacements. However, we make sure to use nonsurgical options first, opting for surgery only if needed. These forms of nonsurgical care typically involve more lifestyle-oriented services, such as home exercise programs, rehabilitative services, medical weight-loss management, medications, joint injections and supplements.

Once more conservative options are exhausted, if you are still in need of long-term relief, our orthopedic surgery teams offer the best techniques to restore function, mobility and the ability to engage in daily life. We treat severe arthritis issues and chronic knee pain by employing methods that remove damaged tissues and replace them with a prosthetic or implant. As a result, you'll typically experience less pain, have improved movement and return to your activities as soon as you're able. These types of knee replacements are available at our locations in the Asheville, Brevard, Clyde, and Franklin areas of Western North Carolina.

Robotic knee replacement

Robot-assisted total knee replacement is a leading-edge procedure that involves our orthopedic surgeons using a computer to help set the alignment of your knee implant. The improved alignment and personalized placement of the prosthetic allow you to have a more natural feel to your range of motion.

Partial knee replacement

Partial knee replacement is a minimally invasive surgical technique that replaces the damaged bone and cartilage of either the inside or outside of the knee, while sparing your healthy tissues. The technique is typically performed if you have arthritis on only one side of the knee, or under the kneecap.

Robot-assisted partial knee replacement

Similar to robot-assisted total knee replacement, this surgical method is a resurfacing procedure where specialists use a robotic arm. Our surgeons load a computerized tomography (CT) scan of the knee into a computer, then program the robotic arm based on your unique anatomy. This progressive approach allows our surgeons to accurately remove the damaged bone and place the implant with more precision, while preserving healthy tissue. By operating this way, we allow for more accurate implant positioning to give you more natural movement, with a shorter recovery.

Your physician will carefully discuss your treatment options with you, tailoring your plan to best fit your needs.

Minimally invasive knee replacements

Minimally invasive total hip and knee procedures generally don't require an overnight stay in the hospital. Additionally, they allow you to get back to your day-to-day life quicker, including recovering at home.

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