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Breast health

From regular checkups and screenings to the latest imaging technologies and treatments, you can access all our expert breast care services at our convenient locations.

Women's imaging services in Brevard, North Carolina

We're here to help you achieve better breast health.

At Transylvania Regional Hospital, we realize the importance that breast health plays in your overall well-being. Our highly skilled specialists use the latest imaging technology to detect problem areas early so that you can stay ahead of potential issues.

Schedule your mammogram online

We believe getting quality healthcare should be simple, so we offer online scheduling for some of our women's imaging services.

We believe getting quality healthcare should be simple, so we offer online scheduling for some of our women's imaging services.

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Our breast health services

In addition to raising awareness about breast cancer, we are dedicated to educating, screening and treating women for breast-related conditions.

Features of our breast care program

Our hospital is accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR). To give you the results you need, we combine compassionate care with the latest imaging tests and technology, such as:

  • 3D mammography unit Also known as tomosynthesis, 3D mammography produces a three-dimensional image of the breast using multiple X-rays. This allows our board-certified radiologists to clearly see the interior of the breast, and to look for cancer even if you don't show any signs or symptoms.
  • Automated breast ultrasound screening (ABUS) This innovative medical technology is used as a supplemental screening for individuals with dense breast tissue, which accounts for around 40 percent of women. Dense breast tissue makes it harder for radiologists to detect problem areas. An ABUS exam helps our specialists identify cancer that might be hiding in the mammogram images. Though the ABUS does not take the place of a mammogram, it is a helpful supplemental tool.
  • Diagnostic targeted ultrasound Unlike the ABUS, a targeted ultrasound scans specific areas of concern in breast tissue. It can also help guide physicians as they perform a breast biopsy.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) — An MRI is a test for detecting breast cancer that uses magnets and radio waves, as opposed to radiation, to create extensive images of internal structures. MRI scans are sometimes performed in conjunction with mammograms as a screening tool.
  • Mammograms A mammogram is a breast-focused X-ray image. Our specialists carefully guide you through the testing process, always answering your questions and easing your worries.

Additional imaging services

Dual X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) scans use a low-energy X-ray beam to measure bone density. Unlike typical X-rays, DEXA scans can identify even small changes in bone loss. By measuring calcium levels, as well as the thickness and strength of your bones, DEXA scans can detect the presence of osteopenia or osteoporosis.

DEXA is involved in breast health because high bone density can be a sign of increased breast cancer risk. Your doctor may use DEXA to monitor you during or after breast cancer treatment as well, since some treatments can negatively impact bone density.

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