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Pediatric imaging

Pediatric imaging takes a child-centered approach to performing imaging and screening tests to visualize and and plan treatments for children, often using special, kid-sized technology.

Pediatric imaging center in Asheville, North Carolina

We work to provide answers to lingering questions about your child's health.

At Mission Children's Hospital, located in Mission Hospital, our pediatric radiologists provide fast, reliable test results when your child's condition requires imaging. In these delicate situations, their comfort and safety comes first.

Children's imaging services we offer

Imaging forms the foundation of any pediatric treatment plan. Our committed specialists work to ease any fears your child may have, so that we can find answers and inform a direction of care.


Fluoroscopy is a way to obtain real-time moving images using a special X-ray camera called a fluoroscope. We perform several types of fluoroscopic tests, and are extremely cautious regarding the radiation exposure your child receives. We even invite you to be present in the room for your child's added comfort. Once your child's appointment is made, you will be informed of any exam preparations and how long it will take. Most fluoroscopy procedures take only 10-to-15 minutes to complete, though some can last as long as 45 minutes.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Our facility is proud to house Western North Carolina's only dedicated pediatric MRI service. An MRI uses large magnets and radio waves to produce detailed scans of internal structures. Seeing as these scans are performed in a large metal tube, we understand that they can cause some anxiety for children. However, our family-friendly environment provides MRI-compatible video goggles, Child Life education and preparation, as well as sedation services, so they can be as comfortable as possible.


We are also home to the region's only dedicated pediatric ultrasound department. During an ultrasound, one of our registered sonographers will spread a special gel over the area in question and move a device called a transducer over your child's skin. The transducer produces sound waves, which bounce off internal structures to create echoes, which translate into real-time pictures. The gel is spread to prevent air from getting between the device and your skin, which would disrupt the soundwaves. Since the sound waves are high pitch and can't be heard or felt, your child has no reason to worry. During the exam, our board-certified pediatric radiologists will review the findings and determine if any additional imaging is needed.


X-rays involve low doses of radiation, and our low-dose X-ray exams are administered by Western North Carolina's only team of board-certified pediatric radiologists. If your child is still experiencing anxiety about an X-ray exam after we explain it, our Child Life specialists can meet with them to fully guide them through the exam, working to reduce stress and anxiety.

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